Saturday, April 4, 2009


I always loved bunnies and still love them. However for the first time in my life, I received a gift from a bunny. She is the most talented bunny I have ever met; Carita aka Jealousydesign!!!

I was in the office today when the telephone rang. My mother was excited on the other side. She received my package from the postman and was curious about it. She was asking when I would be home to open it. However there was much more to do in the office than usual and I was two hours late when I arrived at home.

Home was silent, everybody went out. I held my package firmly and then began to take shots.

Just before opening the envelope: I love the relationship of envelopes and stamps since my childhood. One without the other is insufficient. When they come together; they keep beauties inside and carry them through a long way; from one home to another, from a lovely heart to another.

I never tear up envelopes/packages. I try to be gentle with them. Therefore I got my scissors and cut the envelope from the very edge of it. Now it was the big time and I took out my treasure. Yes, incredible but that was really a little treasure chest with a note besides. Thanks God, I did not have to look for a treasure in an island. My treasure just came to me...

I opened the lid of the chest and saw her: wonderful, shiny, black, my Lava Flower!

I just wanted to look at her closer and I could not take my eyes from her.

Finally she got out of the chest, she got her freedom, I got my Lava Flower.

Hopefully we will live happy ever after, together!

*Thanks Carita (Jealousydesign) for your imagination, talent, time and effort!

**Thanks Mitsy (Artmind) for this perfect match; time and effort in this project!