Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I will not tell you a tale today. I will tell you the truth, only the truth.

I met a fairy two months ago.

She is a garden fairy.
She is good at new technologies, therefore she does not have to fly here from miles away, Massachusetts.
She is a perfect communicator and a generous person.
She enjoys to share her gorgeous treasure with people who can use them. Luckily I am one of these people.
She sent me two treasures until now and she still plans to send another one.

Our deal has one rule: I will use them or I will give them to a friend as she does...

and here is my treasure!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I always loved bunnies and still love them. However for the first time in my life, I received a gift from a bunny. She is the most talented bunny I have ever met; Carita aka Jealousydesign!!!

I was in the office today when the telephone rang. My mother was excited on the other side. She received my package from the postman and was curious about it. She was asking when I would be home to open it. However there was much more to do in the office than usual and I was two hours late when I arrived at home.

Home was silent, everybody went out. I held my package firmly and then began to take shots.

Just before opening the envelope: I love the relationship of envelopes and stamps since my childhood. One without the other is insufficient. When they come together; they keep beauties inside and carry them through a long way; from one home to another, from a lovely heart to another.

I never tear up envelopes/packages. I try to be gentle with them. Therefore I got my scissors and cut the envelope from the very edge of it. Now it was the big time and I took out my treasure. Yes, incredible but that was really a little treasure chest with a note besides. Thanks God, I did not have to look for a treasure in an island. My treasure just came to me...

I opened the lid of the chest and saw her: wonderful, shiny, black, my Lava Flower!

I just wanted to look at her closer and I could not take my eyes from her.

Finally she got out of the chest, she got her freedom, I got my Lava Flower.

Hopefully we will live happy ever after, together!

*Thanks Carita (Jealousydesign) for your imagination, talent, time and effort!

**Thanks Mitsy (Artmind) for this perfect match; time and effort in this project!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I had a wonderful week: my first steps into blogging ( hope I can go on), one-to-one communication with lovely team members, very personal and unique challenge entries...
and now comes the hardest part: to choose one, only one!
Sure I could not do this alone and I called the child, Ebru, to help me.
And one of the challenge entries made us smile and reminded Robin Hood, one of the heroes of our childhood:
When we were 12 years old, we were fond of watching Robin Hood TV series.
When we were 24 , we were playing with Robin Hood puzzles.
Now 35 (how and when?), we still can not ignore anything regarding Robin Hood.

... and Our new host for a new challenge is VAISTO, VAISTO, VAISTO!!!
Congratulations Vaisto! Awaiting for the new theme now!
and We thank you all, for your participation in the challenge and for this wonderful experience!

Seedlings - pointed hood fleece bolero by vaisto

"It's a trip back to the childhood mystical forest fairytales, where the ferns spiral over the top of your head, and the sunlight catches the morning mist between the trees..." vaisto

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A new day and a new experience: My first blogging and I am very excited. I have to thank to my friends from European Street Team (EST) of Etsy; since if the weekly challenge did not exist, I would not be here.
Last week's challenge theme was Native Tribes by Psarokokalo. I crocheted a tribal bracelet and I was declared as winner of the week. The real thing began after this: now I'm responsible for the new theme during a week and I hope my friends will enjoy both the challenge theme and to be hosted by me (Ebru) in Febystan.
Challenge theme of the week : BACK TO MY CHILDHOOD*
*Personal and no limits for your memories, feelings and unforgettable moments
and now the Challenge Theme Items (CTI) from my friends :
Snail Race Pillow Case by Psarokokalo

"When I was small, me(Maria), Dimitra, Giorgos, and Petros used to play everyday outside of house... ofter it rained we gathered all the snails we could find , put them in line and make them race. each of us had it's snail player... the player who won could choose and make his a car from the others 3 matchbox car collection. so it was a big event for us then!this is the story that inspired me to make this small pillowcase with embroidered snails ideal for baby rooms." Psarokokalo
Shylo Is Just A Baby by Swiedebie

"A new born little baby Kapooshie monster. His father is a pure Kapooshie monster and his mom is a kimono dragon. Shylo is born with the cute polki spikes on his back. He is a little shy one and is the pride and joy in his family. At the moment, we do not know what purpose or special skills he has, as he is still a newborn. " Swiedebie
Cotton Candy Knitted Cowl by ingermaaike

"Let time take you back to the time you would receive a cotton candy on a stick at the local fair, smell the sweetness of it in your mind.Now think of wearing it, all the joy but none of the sticky calories." ingermaaike
Imogen Paper Doll by chichiboulie

"Introducing Imogen, Pippa's very best friend. Like Pippa, Imogen is approximately 7 inches tall (18cm) and is printed on heavy weight matte card stock. She comes with quite a wardrobe as well! Summer outfits, winter attire, beachwear and sleepwear. 8 outfits in all, plus coordinating accessories. She also comes with a template for making a carrying case for her and all her goodies, complete with ribbon to tie it off." chichiboulie


My Beloved custom made silver picture bracelet by Toosis

"This handcrafted silver photo jewelry creates a casually elegant,time-worn look that whispers quiet sophistication. This silver photo braelet will make the perfect photo gift that will be treasured for years to come! " Toosis


Back into Childhood, Album, Sketchbook, Painted Fabric by Kreativlink

"Hard to believe, but I was very much an outdoor child. We spent all our time outside, exploring woods and that little river ... Building little landscapes with moss and other things we found. Ah well... good where the times." Kreativlink


The Stain, An Imagined History. art book by lapommestories

"Back when I was a little girl, the fairytale that most haunted me was "The Juniper Tree" by the Brothers Grimm. Up to now, when I think of that story, I feel the need to shiver. It's scary stuff." lapommestories


Toys r us Earrings by Nafsika

"These were made because of my love for wooden toys...i loved playing with them as a child!" Nafsika


Seedlings - pointed hood fleece bolero by vaisto

"It's a trip back to the childhood mystical forest fairytales, where the ferns spiral over the top of your head, and the sunlight catches the morning mist between the trees..." vaisto


Licorice Candy Bracelet (Liquorice Lakritz Reglisse) by MistyAurora

"Candy is in every childhood and can't avoid including it when going down memory lane :)" MistyAurora

Back In To Childhood by Stemellina

"As a child I loved to play outside and I used to build with my grandpa small birdhouses .Even now I have a small wooden birdhouse on my Balcony which is always full of birds that come to avoid cold weather" Stemellina
Pink and Blue Elephant Necklace by kraplap

"This necklace is inspired by several aspects of my childhood: buttons, colours and elephants. The buttons I got from my grandmother who kept hundreds of them in a big box that I was parked with on Sunday afternoons to keep me under control. Colours have always fascinated me, as they do so many other children; I like them in a wide range of different nuances like in this item, and other times also in a more subtle combination. Elephants played an important role in my life because when the button box did not feature in the afternoon, we would often visit the local zoo, and the elephants there never failed to impress me with their gentle yet massive stature." kraplap
Origami Bag - Butter Colour Canvas with Japanese Fabric by iragrant

"One of the memories which stay with me all the time is how my dad patiently made endless origami creations for me, I was very exciting, well to see him making those lovely tulips, balls, frogs, swan you name it! As long as he have the book in front of him he can made everything I want:)Now, he stop making those origami for me but continue to make them for my daughter who love them very much too." iragrant


Fallen knights and bravery 1/25 by matchstickgirl

"the brave little horse ran all the way back to the castle without his fallen rider ... his knight in shining armour was lying with an enemy arrow piercing his side ...."help" called the little horse to the castle guards "help...!" " matchstickgirl

Black Mountain - ring by Jealousydesign

"Back then it was a beautiful mountain with the most beautiful black stones I have seen. Even back then it was a little quarry but not in any big scale. We kids were not allowed to play there because there were many dangerous cliffs. Do I need to say we had so much fun when we were playing there :)" Jealousydesign
Cute gerbera bag by creationsbyeve

"Gorgeous hand felted seamless handbag / purse. Handmade by me, using wool roving in shades of green and off-white. The handmade felt gives the benefits of being durable (I have used 4 layers of wool), strong, soft, funky, elegant, light weight, non-fraying and water repellent. The purse is fully lined in off-white silk lining fabric and closes with a zipper." creationsbyeve
Back To My Childhood by staroftheeast

"The necklace is made of a vintage puzzle, bought in the 70's in Spain, Madrid. I have always loved puzzles since I was a child, unfortunatly during the years some pieces got lost so they became perfect for this necklace." staroftheeast
Shell of my childhood necklace one of a kind by fleurfatale

"When I was a little girl I spend hours on the beach collecting shells, I have some very special ones! They bring back lots of fine memories to me about the holidays I spend with my family on the French beach." fleurfatale