Monday, March 23, 2009


I had a wonderful week: my first steps into blogging ( hope I can go on), one-to-one communication with lovely team members, very personal and unique challenge entries...
and now comes the hardest part: to choose one, only one!
Sure I could not do this alone and I called the child, Ebru, to help me.
And one of the challenge entries made us smile and reminded Robin Hood, one of the heroes of our childhood:
When we were 12 years old, we were fond of watching Robin Hood TV series.
When we were 24 , we were playing with Robin Hood puzzles.
Now 35 (how and when?), we still can not ignore anything regarding Robin Hood.

... and Our new host for a new challenge is VAISTO, VAISTO, VAISTO!!!
Congratulations Vaisto! Awaiting for the new theme now!
and We thank you all, for your participation in the challenge and for this wonderful experience!

Seedlings - pointed hood fleece bolero by vaisto

"It's a trip back to the childhood mystical forest fairytales, where the ferns spiral over the top of your head, and the sunlight catches the morning mist between the trees..." vaisto


  1. congratulations Vaisto!!!!

    new theme! new theme!

  2. Congrats Vaisto! I really love that bolero big time!

  3. Excellent choice! Congratulations to Vaisto!